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We specialise in ferroalloys, silicon carbide, carburizers, graphite, briquettes (from ferroalloys, silicon carbide, carburizers with iron ore), graphite pellets, foundry coke, anthracite, coal, foundry pig, bentonite, foundry sand for the steel and foundry industry as well as silicon carbide and artificial corundum for the refractory materials and abrasive products industries. All of our materials comply with the metals industry standards and hold safety data sheets, which guarantee the supply of the best quality products.

Auro Master Ltd means the great quality of products for foundry industry at the best prices in the UK. You can rely on us!

Transport and logistics, especially marine transport, are our newest lines of business. Working with Auro Master Ltd means fast and safe distribution services for your and our products in Europe and the UK. 

Our experience in logistics, finance and marketing and the quality-oriented approach helps us ensure the highest level of service and the best quality of products on offer.


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Abrasives & other raw materials

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We take action to protect the environment. Briquettes (briquetted waste materials) is continuously being sold to our existing customers and we encourage our new clients to choose this environment-friendly product. This sales strategy contributes to the management of waste from ferroalloy production and from silicon carbide, graphite and carburizers sludges.

We act in support of the foundry, steel, shipbuilding, metalworking and construction industries though providing a wide range of the highest quality of abrasive tools – personalised and adjusted to our customers’ specific requirements. Foundry production also involves the processes of cleaning of castings, with the use of abrasive tools. We support this responsible work by providing the best quality abrasive tools.

If you would like to find out more details about the chemical composition or general characteristics of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.