A partner for
foundry and steel industry

We offer a great variety of products:

ferroalloys, silicon carbide

cupola briquettes and pellets

pig iron, carburizers

abrasive tools

anthracite, foundry coke

other raw materials

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With our long-term presence on the European market and the ongoing relationship with the metallurgical sector, we are able to offer – to our existing and future clients – essential commodities, raw materials and tools for production processes in the founding, metallurgy and refractory materials industries.

As a responsible supplier for the industry – and for your convenience – we distribute and deliver the required products from our European logistics centers and warehouses.

We invite you to take a closer look at our wide range of available products and services.

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Metallurgy Products

  • ferroalloys
  • silicon carbide metallurgical
  • cupola briquettes and pellets
  • pig iron
  • carburizers
  • anthracite
  • foundry coke


  • abrasive tools

Other raw materials

  • bentonite
  • tin
  • copper
  • sulphur
  • other


  • processed byproducts
  • processed waste materials
  • processed graphite scrap
  • briquetted steel scrap
  • copper scrap
  • and other

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We act in support of the foundry, steel, shipbuilding, metalworking and construction industries though providing a wide range of the highest quality of abrasive tools – personalised and adjusted to our customers’ specific requirements. Foundry production also involves the processes of cleaning of castings, with the use of abrasive tools. We support this responsible work by providing the best quality abrasive tools.

If you would like to find out more details about the chemical composition or general characteristics of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.